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    Question on Cabinet vision

    Hi everyons,
    I have a little question for the Planit cabinetvision solid 4.2 programme.

    I'm working with the Planit CabinetVisionSloid 4.2, and I'm searching for some free technical reference on the web. Ther is on the esupport site of Planit, but the related cost to get acces to this documentation is no affordable (due to the small number of user where i'am working).

    I made some search on the web but I have'nt found anything that can help me. I read everything on the help section, but there is a lot of thing that I want to explore with this programme but I cannot do it without some reference to help me understand these thingé

    Thanx if you can help me


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    Hi Matt.

    Im using the same program.
    What info are you looking for?

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    Dec 2011
    i can help u out , i do have some sort of dvds for cabinet vision

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    Oct 2013
    Hey everyone.I need some help.I am looking to order a <a href="http://www.solidsetup.com">cabinet vision support<a/>
    .Maybe someone can tell me if is it cheaper to make myself or just to buy it.I would appreciate some help.Thank you.

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