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    Question MPMaster Modify - G17

    Hello all.

    I have a Haas Post that we have been using for years now that has been updated since X2 and for some reason doesn't seem to be able to modify to some ways we want.

    Well I have downloaded and been playing with the MPMaster post and it has many great features and options I would like to use...

    But, I am trying to customize it to spit out the Code similar to our Haas post, but there are 2 things that I just can't get to the bottom of and they are more housekeeping issues then actual functional issues and was wondering if anyone can help.

    1. G17 - The MPMaster post spits out a G17 at the start of any G-code line. I would like to shut it off and perform like our Haas post that only spits out Plane orientation if it's doing an arc in XZ or YZ then kicks a G17 after. It seems modal in the post because if I delete a sgplane at the beginning line it will spit it out on the linear line or arc line and like wise if I let it run it will only spit it out on the start of the path.

    I have compared the two posts, (MPMaster and Haas) and they have almost identical reference locations for the sgplane callout but the MPMaster post seems to always want to through it in there? Is there a way to make it not be in there unless switching to the G18 or G19 plane?

    2. The G94 code. I have changed the switch for it to be G94, but just like the G17 feature, it seems to want to spit out a G94 at the first Feedrate line. Again, the Haas post did not do this and comparing it has almost identical placements of the sgfeed.

    Again, this is purely housekeeping and cosmetics, but it drives me nuts that I cannot figure it out. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    I have been able to adjust my header and toolist layout and coolant positioning, etc, it's just these 2 housekeeping things that have me beat. Even walking both posts through debug I still can't nail down why one spits out the G17/G94 codes and one does not???


    Mike in MN

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    Please post a copy of YOUR Mpmaster.pst file and I will try to help you with the "housekeeping".
    ObrienDave. MasterCam since V6. Gcode since 1983.
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    Thanks, I am not at the computer with that on it right now, but I will post it when I get a chance.

    Mike in MN

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    Ok, attached is the MPMaster Post I have modified a bit, called MPMastermp. It's in a Zip format because that's the only thing CNCZone will let me attach, I didn't really want to save it as a TXT.


    Mike in MN
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    hello, I have 3 axes CNC attachment operated by ACCURITE MILL-POWER need post processors for MasterCam 8.1 and 9, can somebody help me with this I will pay for this.
    Best Mike B.

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    Having the G17 at the start sets the condition for the first cut. It lets the operator know the current setting of the plane. If, by chance someone had reset the plane to G18, this will make sure it goes back into G17 before the first cut. In general it's safer. If the machine is already in G17 and you set it to G17, nothing happens. It doesn't take longer to run. It has zero effect on the performance of the program.

    Depending on how it was that was removed, it's now possible, that if your first cut needs to be in the G18 plane, that might not show up (depending on how the change was made). Now you'll be in trouble.

    Why is it so important to turn off something that has no effect on the performance of you part?

    It's the same as taking the "P" off of the shifter display in your car because ... "when I get in my car, I already know it's in Park".

    Modifying a posts that's not technically broke can cause problems further down the road, depending on who and how they made the changes. Someday you may update that post from X5 to X6 and the particular way the change was made, may cause something else to stop working. I cant tell you how may posts I've had to edit because some one "fixed" them.

    Just some things to consider when modifying your posts.

    Mike Mattera
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    Thanks for the feedback Mike.

    I guess what I was getting at that I would like the MPMaster post to layout the code similar to our current Generic Haas Post.

    As far as the modal G17, the "dummy" line at the beginning of the program cancels all the length, cutter comp offsets and sets the G17 along with absolute, etc. so I personally don't see the need for having a G17 on each start of the toolpath.

    Like I stated, the way our current Post performs is that it seems that the G17 at the default start line is set modal until mastercam see's the need to switch it, (ie. surfacing filter radii, etc) to G18/G19 then switches it back to G17.

    This is what I am used to along with others in the shop. I was just looking for the code layout to be similar but yet have the functionality of the MPMaster post.

    Mike in MN

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