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    Hyundai/KIA CNC Mills? Any good?

    I didn't get any response to my other mill post. Maybe the two models I was enquiring about are new. Does antbody have any experience with the CNC mills from Hyundia/ KIA? Are they good? Any problems?

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    kia milling machine

    working for 2 years with a vx 500 and no problems at all.
    i think is a fine machine to work with, the control is a fanuc 21i
    with manuele guide. we are milling aluminium stainless steel and also up to 65 hrc hardened toolsteel and its given no problem.s very stable machine
    greetings fzr1000

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlgfRn4U8fw"]YouTube- JOVI Leeuwarden freest(CNC) gehard materiaal.[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ys9NY0oV2c"]YouTube- JOVI leeuwarden freest lager pers[/ame]

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    I have been looking at their lathes myself lately...SKT21L...I have good info from a 3rd party that they are very good. I am going to look into the MX380D today to see if that is one of the "good" ones.

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    I`m running a vx-400 with 12k spindle,tsc,fanuc OiMC control for a year and a half now,, I looked at haas and a couple others before I purchased and I`m very happy with the machine,, I do mostly aluminum parts with a bit of SS thrown in as well,,but what suprised me was how well it cuts SS at lower rpm,,I figure the 12k spindle would suck at low rpm,,but its very solid,,

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    I ran a Hyundia/ KIA VX500 with a Fanuc 21i-MC control for three months at one job shop that I work for a little while. I was quite pleased with the machine and the Control. I would say it was more way more rigid that the Haas VF mills that I ran and even more rigid that the Hurco VMX 42 that I have run quite a bit. It had ample power for what ever I used it for and the through the Spindle coolant was nice, Although I like the Haas system better because It Purges the spindle before the tool change. The tool changes and rapids are much faster on the VX500 vs Haas VF or Hurco's VMX's and the Chip control was great also.

    The Biggest thing I didn't like about the VX500 was if you were going to use it for Prototype parts were you have a lot of setups and small lot sizes, I would still per the Hurco VMX because of the Conversational controller, and training new employs in who are not familiar with G&M code machines would be more time consuming.

    For a reasonable price CNC mill, I think you can't go wrong with a VX500. The one thing that impress me the most about the VX500 was the rigidity of the mill and the speed, power, chip control and reliability/accuracy was as good or better than the other mills I've used.

    That's my two cents.


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    Thanks for all the replies. We ended up buying a used Milltronics RW-15. It was half price of a new one and came with lots of tooling. It's like new with only 500hrs on it. It seems to be a nice little machine, but the control is taking me a little to get used to. We did buy a new Hyundia/Kia turning center, but they were just doing the training on it on Friday.

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    Re: Hyundai/KIA CNC Mills? Any good?

    Here is a page of Hyundai Wia CNC Reviews

    hope it helps

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