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    Question macro for spindle speed variation

    Does any one have a macro for Spindle speed variation similar to the HAAS SSV commands?? I am turning a long thin shaft and want to eliminate chatter issues and speed up the cycle time to reduce costs.

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    what kind of fanuc control are you using?

    Can you post your code on when and where you want to speed up the spindle?


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    I can speed up or slow down any where but what I am looking for is a macro that will pulse the spindle +/- say 50 rpm as the cut is on going, similar to the HAAS ssv commands. I found that while the tool is in cut and I use the overides as it machines, to pulse the spindle manually this almost completely eliminates chatter and I was able to increase surface speeds and feeds, but I cannot be at the control for every part due to this is in a cell type setting and there are 3 other machines to tend to. Haas has commands using m codes to call up a macro to do this and cancel the macro but I don't have a Haas lathe at this time. Years ago I used the macro I am looking for, at another job, but lost the code that I had used and I am hoping that someone out there has a copy of similar macros.

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    I posted this over in the other forum where you asked the samething but did not see a response so I am posting here as well.

    Not sure if this will work and I did not prove it out as I have no open machines right now. Another problem as already stated in the other thread this may stall at the increase and decrease points before moving the incremental distance waiting for the spindle to reach the specified speed.

    This is probably going to leave witness marks on the part at every #101 increment. Make sure none of these variables are being used for something else.

    We may have to do a macro interrupt to get the “IF” statements outside the WHILE condition so there is no waiting on variable changes that may be effected by the look ahead.

    #100=500(part length)
    #101=10(travel length before speed increase)
    #102=50(rpm variation every #101 distance)
    #103=300(spindle RPM)
    #104=#103(rpm counter)



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    Thanks I'll give this a try as I remember this looks close to what i had but old age is catching up to me

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