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    toggle axis 4 dro to a-b-c

    Im trying to run reprap gcode to extrude parts.
    The two steps in this are using E for extrude and F which is a temperature setting.

    I have been able to assign the E for extrude axis in the G code to C axis using search and replace text editing.

    I want to be able to toggle the 4 dro in program1 and mdi screens between A, B, C, axises.

    While I can see all six axises in the diagnostics screen.
    Thanks Peter.

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    I'm pretty sure you can't toggle the DRO display, but you can use the Swap axis command, which will basically use a different axis then the programmed one.

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    Thanks, that would work if I only needed to see four axises.
    I plan to use five or six axises, and would like to toggle the fourth axis dro to check important movement as required.

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