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    Okuma MA 400 Leaking Hydraulic Fluid

    Each time we shut the machine down and shut off the air it leaks about a gallon of hydraulic fluid. Any thoughts?

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    A bit more info required.

    Where from ???? Hose/ joint, axis slide, 4th axis ?

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    the same issue

    one of my clients has the same issue with MA-500.
    It is lake of hydraulic oil under the machine, under the table area.
    I didn't find where from it leaks and have no idea how to

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    Our MA 400 H is leaking hydraulic oil too.
    Pooling on the floor under the tool magazine door 'round the back. The sight glass on the tank goes from max to min in 3 shifts.
    After lots of looking I finally noticed oil coming out from one of the air diffusers(!) on the manifold that travels with the Z axis.
    The leak is getting worse and has started coming from the table pull-studs when unclamped for pallet change.
    It's not fixed yet, but appears that whatever seal(s) are busted is allowing the oil to return through the air lines.

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    I've noticed on our horizontal, the hyrdraulic oil is used quicker when the pallet changer is used, or when you enable a parameter to enable the rapid over-ride switch to control the swing of the pallet door/cradle when checking large set-ups.

    The hydr. oil drains into the tramp oil gutters, and if the tramp oil has jellied up, it overflows - usually under the centre of the machine

    Suggest that 1st you clean all of the gutters. It'll make a big mess, but it has to be clear ( I usually use HOT water to get it to flow )

    This may control the leaking across the floor, and may allow you to back-track the leak

    I find that our "small" leak is around the pallet changer centre-column area

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