Precision Plasma LLC announces the release of a 6" rotary chuck for CNC plasma cutting. This product was designed to be a lower cost, single direction rotary for tube slicing applications. currenty sells 5 axis electronics kits with a "tube slicer" module for Mach 3. The Precision Plasma LLC rotary chuck allows users to add this functionality to their existing CNC plasma tables.

6" 4 jaw chuck (3/4" to 6" square or round capacity)
25:1 worm reduction (30 arcminutes of backlash)
Universal mounting
Nema 23 motor mount (must specify 1/4" or 3/8" motor shaft)
Weight 12 lbs.

Note: If you want to use the chuck in a dual direction application, your software should have backlash compensation. Precision Plasma LLC makes no claims to the result since it was designed specifically for a single direction tube slicing application.

The rotary chucks are currently in stock, but 1 to 2 weeks are required to manufacture the input shaft based on your stepper motor requirement. The 620 in-oz motor from is the only motor that has been tested with this chuck.

Introductory offer: $500 + shipping

Precision Plasma LLC is only authorized to sell and ship within the US.
Contact Precision Plasma LLC to order.

Best Regards,
Ron Chacich