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Thread: Scan2cad ?

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    Scan2cad ?

    Hi all,

    I want to cut/pocket/V-bit etc. some aviation signs on my homemade cnc. I have imported jpeg, bmap images etc. into scan2cad and played around for hours.
    How do you make vector lines come out straight, or vector curves follow raster curves more accuretly without haveing to move most of the vector nodes afterwoods to get the required results? Sometimes i think it would be easier just to draw the logo/emblem from scatch in a cad program. Am i missing something simple ? Can anyone point me to a tutorial somewhere?

    Thx. Julian.

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    Sometimes i think it would be easier just to draw the logo/emblem from scratch in a cad program
    Correct. Some raster to vector software has settings that can help, but what your seeing is typical for raster to vector conversions. My preference is to load them into my CAD program and trace over them. Takes a bit longer, but the results are infinitely better.

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