I've posted this on another forum so please forgive me for multiple posting. I'm at a new job (1 week) and have been using a new-to-me-program (Moldflow Advisor) for about 12 hrs that the company now wants to use in diagnosing problems on a part they're having trouble (streaking, local deform) with. I suppose my question would be whether anybody out there has used this program enough to offer an opinion from their experience. Beyond spotting something in thermal, flow, or air pockets I don't know what esle the analysis may be used for. Seems like it's ok for predicting a potential problem in a new mold but I'm still too new with it to estimate what the analysis data can be used for. The company may have higher hopes for the program than it's capable of. This type of program is only something I've seen on pages of a magazine and have no other real world experience with it. I've just learned of this intended use last Friday before I went home so the part and the problem will cross my desk on Monday morning. Any replies are appreciated, thanks for reading this.