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    Jun 2010

    where to get SC updated?


    when I got to the sprutcam main page and click to load the latest version, version 8, it takes me to an empty FTP directory?

    Is it just me, or is it really empty?


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    Jun 2010
    It must have been a temporary glitch, I can see the file now.

    HOWEVER, when I install SC7, it will not run. When I click on the icon, nothing happens. If I look in windows task manager, under processes, I see "Sprutcam.exe" appear for about 1 sec, then it disappears again. No windows or warnings appear.

    When I run SC2007 w/o the dongle attached, at least it pops up a warning message. I am running on Vista 64 bit (unfortunately).

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    Jun 2010
    Ok, Eric at Tormach fixed my problem for me.

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