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    Ease-eTurn Mach3 Turn Screenset

    We are glad to announce the new Ease-eTurn for Lathe Screenset!
    This thing turns your Mach3 Turn into completely user friendly product!


    16:9 ratio adjusted Screenset! Enough with the old-fashioned 1024x768!
    Large toolpath window
    Files included for CSMIO-IP/S by CS-Lab
    Completely rebuilt wizards in Conversational tab, including Quick Threads by Poppabear in new look!
    Settable safe Toolchange Position with one click button and safety, saving time on long and unneeded travels, also usable with M code
    Lubrication alarm for users with Auto lubrication system
    Machine operated (air or hydraulic) collet chuck or jaw chuck opening/closing by one click button, also usable with M code, with displaying current status LED
    Distance To Go for visual reference to avoid any crash
    Current Work Offset (G54, G55, G56 etc.) appearance on display
    Feed override slider
    Spindle override slider
    Spindle load monitoring in two ways:
    * By reading from VFD analog output (0-10V)
    * By comparing True and Set RPM
    Spindle Stall detection with LED
    Optional Hydraulics/Air compressor On/Off switch
    Feed per Rev setting by one click button
    Constant Surface Speed (CSS) setting by one click button
    Easy to use separate Offsets window for setting Tool and Work offsets
    Separate window for all coordinate systems (Machine, Axis, Work)
    M01 Break (Optional Stop) button with LED
    Included Macro for rotational or linear Automatic Tool Change with logics to go shortest distance, easy to configure for 4-bit encoder or using switches
    User friendly safety logics preventing against crash
    * Collet Open/Close preventing Spindle Start, Cycle Start
    * Protection against wrong tool (for example, Tool 0 instead of 1) by warning user with pop-up window
    * Preventing Cycle Start before homing all axis after Reset
    * Waiting for Spindle while it spins up to commanded RPM, then allows program to continue

    Conversational part features:

    Easy-to-use wizards
    Usable in both - radius and diameter mode
    Option to append multiple wizards in one usable G-code file

    Brain included:

    Brain for Collet Signal On/Off (for one pin)
    Brain for controling Hydraulics (settable Output pin) button on screenset
    Brain for external Pause and Stop buttons
    Brain for Spindle Stall Detection (must use RPM counter on Spindle)
    Brain for Spindle Load meter, if no Analog Input from VFD (comparing True RPM and Commanded RPM)
    Brain for Chuck opening/closing safety, so when Spindle is turning, it is impossible to open it
    Brain for Lubrication alarm (no oil)

    Currently Screenset is made for Metric users, in few days Imperial version will be ready.

    Install instructions are on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emUI7DDnI6k

    Price for the Screenset is 25 Eur via PayPal, please write me PM about buying it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ease-eTurn Mach3 Screen.jpg   Ease-eTurn Mach3 Main Screen.jpg   Ease-eTurn Mach3 Conversational Screen.jpg   Ease-eTurn Mach3 Threads Screen.jpg  

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    Good day how can i pay you the 25 euros and how you would send me and would like the lathe and mill

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