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    Quote Originally Posted by eldata View Post
    See this link regarding Speedstep (aka EIST);


    C1E equivalent on older motherboards may be called HALT (on Idle) or something similar. These BIOS options are usually under CPU settings or power management settings in the BIOS.

    You may want to confirm that these are indeed active by using something like CPU-Z or one of those motherboard monitor programs that indicate actual CPU speed.
    Hi Eldata,

    I got playing with the bios settings last night and must have disabled something i shouldn't have. I'll restore them tomorrow and go from there. "XP Home Edition" is my OS, and looking at the link you provided, it does not indicate that my OS is Speedstep capable. "XP SP2",however is listed. Anyway this will be easy to check, and i have the "Power Scheme" setting to "Always on" so it should be right.
    C1E or Halt
    I don't recall seeing this sucker but I'll have a look again tomorrow and if i find it I'll wring its little neck:boxing:
    I,ll get back to you tomorrow night and let you know how i go. So close i can smell it!

    Regards Julian.

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    Problem solved 90%

    Hi all,

    Reset my Bios, found something called "APM BIOS" which stands for Advanced Power Management. Disabled it and guess what? Yep, problem solved, well 90% anyway. Ran motor for 10 minutes and no locking up! There is still the occasional "Knock", but nothing like before. I'll continue to try and get rid of the occasional knock, but for now i'm really happy and can finally start cutting something. Cheers to you Eldata and eSilviu for your advice. I'm having a beer right now...One for me and one for you both:cheers: I can now spend the money i was going to use for a Smoothstepper on some parts for a laser i want to build to cut balsa and light ply.

    Regards Julian.

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