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    4 Axis TB6560 Stepper Power Supply Question

    I recently fried my Xylotex stepper control with a stray aluminum chip. So I started looking for an inexpensive way to get my Sieg X2 conversion back up and running. Then I found the TB6560 control on Ebay pretty cheap. I am still waiting to get it, but wanted advice on how to set up my power supply on it. From what I have read on here you need to be really careful with the power going into this particular chipset, and I would rather not fry another controller. Previously I had used a HobbyCNC kit, and built the required power supply for it. Unfortunately it looks like it might be a little too much for the TB6560 board. The power supply is based on a 24vac 10amp transformer. Once the 24vac has gone through the bridge rectifier I get something like 35.9vdc out. I know that the TB6560 is rated for a max of 36v, and I will exceed this with the inductive voltage coming from the steppers. My question is can I use this power supply if I intentionally put some sort of parasitic drain on it before it reaches the new controller? If I run a larger bleed resister on the capacitor, or a series of 12v lights in line on the DC side, and reduce the voltage to somewhere under 30vdc will I be ok? Am I asking for trouble trying to use this power supply?

    I have an older PC power supply set up to run 12v, but I am afraid that my steppers will run too slowly at this voltage. I'm running the Xylotex 425 oz steppers, and am having trouble finding any data on them as to max current/voltage.


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    I wouldn't put any more than 24 volts to that board, read that they run routers just fine at 24
    but blow really easily at 30 or more.
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    I have one of those chinese 6560 boards running my x2. So far, it's been fine with 24VDC (2 modified computer PSUs in series) I wouldn't go any higher though. If you're handy with electronics, you could look up a high current linear or switching regulator to bring your voltage down.

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    Why not remove a few turns of wire off the existing transformer?

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    I am using the same board with 24volts 15 amp SMPS satisfactory.

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    Not trying to put any negative vibes on this thread...however, I can honestly say that (in my case, on my x2) the 4 axis TB6560 was less than optimum. I was running 24V PSU, and the Gecko G540 on the same PSU, same motor wiring, is vastly superior.

    The biggest issue I had was lost steps. It is possible this is because of the long 10' cable I was running...but the Gecko doesn't lose steps on the same cable.

    Make sure your motors are in the optimum range for the board (mine were not - wired in bipolar series 8.8MH and 2.1 amp)...


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