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    Help - Need CNC Workshop in UK!

    Hi guys
    Had some great help here before all the way from Australia and I'm now at my wits end again!

    I need a reliable CNC engineering shop to produce small batches of quite complex parts in Ti and Stainless.

    Teh two Companies I've had promises from and gone right down the line with have basically decided I'm just not big enough for them and moved on to bigger projects despite firm guaranteed promises! Very annoying and deeply unprofessional.

    Can anyone here reccommend a good engineering shop that understands small batch CNC, wire erosion and EBW. I'm spending about £10,000 a pop on small batches of 20 units twice or three times per year.

    Help going mad - do I need to go outside UK?


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    You could try Jaye Engineering in Bucks. I don't know if Ti & Stainless is his thing as he has only ever machined Ali for us. But small batch is definitely his thing as his main business is making spares for classic racing cars. We have used him for prototypes, normally 2 off. If he can't do it, he might know a man who can.

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    Thanks Bob - I'll give him a bell and see if he can help.

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    You could try 2 companies with laser welding and EDM + other machining.
    A & M EDM : www.amedm.co.uk in Smethwick, Birmingham
    XL Precision Technologies : www.xlprecisiontechnologies.co.uk

    Can recommend them both for tool making and precision parts.


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    I can recommend Pyramid Tool and Die. I've been very satisfied with their product.
    I love deadlines- I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

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    re cnc machining

    Hi I work for a company Denebank Engineering we spacialise in 1 offs to small batch work no job to big or to small, prototypes etc .my email is.. wsright1@aol.com we have a web site just lookup Denebank eng

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