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    Inspection software. Operator self inspection

    The shop I'm currently employed at has a big problem with machinists not checking their parts due to our system of inspection. We currently use a program made with Microsoft access that is very inefficient and troublesome to use. I know their are programs out their with phenomenal efficiency and are very easy to use. I've seen a few at trade shows but didn't pay much attention to them as they were of to interest at that point.
    I'm looking for any software that's used by other shops, or if anyone knows of a great one. I'm hoping to find one that basically is the same as penciling the dim. on a print, but on the computer. Possible inspection dim's sent from a Cmm or compatible had inspection tools.


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    I was contemplating using "Inspection Easy"

    Where I now work, they are looking into "Inspection Expert" for SolidWorks.

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    Are you looking for a system to get operators to inspect? Or a system for them to record inspection data?

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    The problem lies with the operators not recording their inspections due to the current software. Its not very friendly to use.

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