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    Stuck X axis on a maxnc

    i hav an x axis error on an onboard controlled maxnc max15 closed loop machine i cant seem to get any responce from the folks at max nc so i gotta figure it out my self any suggestions would be greatly apreciated it spinns freely but alarms out when i home the machine or try to use the control to move x

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    It sounds like it's broken. I suggest fixing it.

    My answer is as generic as your problem description, and about as useful. If you want help, you need to give details. Tell us word for word what the error messages say. Describe the problem in detail and tell us how you have tried to fix it.


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    MaxNC 15 Newbe needs help

    Not even sure of how to use a forum/threads.

    I have a Maxnc 15 that a previous shop teacher thought the drive screws were bent and replaced them with 1/4 - 20 all thread rod.

    The stepper motors do not have the power to turn the rods.

    Any thoughts as to where to buy the correct drive screws and bushings.


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    1/4-20 all thread is used all the time in small machines with great results (ok maybe not great but acceptable). Are your steppers moving if the screws are uncoupled? Start there. Are they locked when the unit is powered up? Does it have handwheels to attempt to spin a stepper manually?

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    Plenty of sources for screws and nuts it really just depends on how much you want to spend and what tolerances you would like.

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    That wouldn't work

    You need to pull out the all-thread and replace it with acme leadscrews. They aren't the same (the acme thread isn't as sharp), and the all-thread may have destroyed the nuts as well. Here's a source for 1/4" acme screws :

    Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Tools and Shop Supplies

    If you replace the screws and they still won't turn, you can get the anti-backlash nuts here:


    They also have acme screws, if you want to get everything from the same place.

    Andrew Werby
    ComputerSculpture.com — Home Page for Discount Hardware & Software

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    I did the all thread once many many years ago, it WILL chew up the backlash nut.
    Replace them both!

    as for the X axis, check the gib screws to make sure they are not to tight. If you look at the front of the X saddel block where X and Y mate. Across the front of the block and down the left side there are allen screws. Loosen those. I would loosen them up untill the X axis table could be rotated a bit in the saddle block. Then slowly tighten them just untill the X axis cannot be rotated.

    If you pull the X axis stepper motor you should be able to freely slide the x axis left to right, now would be a good time to LUBE THE HECK out of the X axis..... It needs lube all the time!

    If the X axis is tight without the stepper coupled to the screw then loosen the gibbs!!!!!

    as far as the electronics, they for a lack of a better word...>SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
    A G540 is one of the best controllers for this machine, ran with EMC or mach 3. It will be open loop if you go that route. But it will WORK, unlike the shotty electronics that come on that machine.

    My advise to anyone that owns on of these machines is as follows
    1. replace the screws and nuts on all 3 axis.
    2. G540, 48 v power supply
    3. adjust the gibbs daily or weekly
    4. Lots and LOTS and TONS of lube on the ways and screws.
    5. Dont try and run the machine any faster then 600 mm a minute. Aluminum on aluminum ways will wear out FASTER
    6. Craigs list to get rid of it

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