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    Questions on TurboCAD/CAM capabilities

    I've used TurboCAD to draw files for outsourcing for a while now and used it for other things long before that. I just bought my own CNC machine (10 year old ShopBot) and the software that came with it won't allow editing of tabs. I'm thinking I could just upgrade my TurboCAD and get the CAM plugin at the same time. I found Pro 15 with CAM for $300 which is under half what ShopBots current software would cost me. I have two questions about it though.

    1) Does it allow you to add tabs and specify the locations?

    2) Will it export g-code file that ShopBot control software will recognize?


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    I have used TCC for many years and it became painfully obvious that the CAM version would not move into the 3d world so I have moved on to Alibre with the CAM option. I do not remeber ever seeing the ability to place tabs in a direct fashion. I think you could probably work around it by doing multiple operations. You have to understand that TCC is 2 1/2D only and will not work on a 3d object.

    The post is configurable by the user but they may have a post that is already set for the shopbot. I do not know as I only used the Mach3 post.

    Another option for you to consider is MeshCam. This will accept an STL model from turbocad and you can ad support tabs to it in Meshcam.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've had the same experience with TCC 14 with CAM... It actually works very well compared to similarly priced options for 2 1/2D like Dolphin Pro, but automatic tabs seem to be a purely 3D function. MeshCam makes this very easy...

    FYI: I paid $200 for my complete TCC with Cam package more than a year ago on Ebay...


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    If you want tabs for 2D work, look at Vectric's Cut2D or V-Carve Pro.

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    Mach3 2010 Screenset

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    Less then a year back I paid about $200 for v14 with cam on ebay and found that for 2D work parts are easy to create and post. The 2 1/2D concept is easy to pick up because you just cut features at a different depths. It doesn't have a tab function but I've found ways to hold the workpiece that I think work better then tabs. It imports all sorts of other file formats including DXF but it struggles if the dxf has a lot of nodes. I really like the ability to design, cut then tweak the design if necessary and recut.

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