Hi folks,
I am designing a CNC hotwire cutter for wing and fusealge cutting. I recently came across an interesting issue, I don't see any CAM software for a 2 Axis machine with a turn table to generate the G-code ( X,Y, and C Axes). I am planning to use Mach 3 to drive the machine, and I have Pro/E wildfire 4.0 to create the 3D geometry. Can anyone give me a suggestion on where to look? This is for a hobby, so any software over $500 is going to be very hard for me to afford. If this is un-attainable, please let me know, and I will go the way of the traditional 4-axis system we all seem to love in the hotwire world.

My initial hope was to be able to cut wing and fuselage sections a couple feet thick at a time. The fuselage and wing sections would be cut with a horizontal wire, traveling axially and vertically. The wire would make a cut going one way, then the table turns, and the wire makes another cut... repeat 180 degrees. This is essentially the idea Croma-Foam.com's machine uses to cut the cellphone model out at this link:


Any suggestions on CAM software? Thanks for the help, and please pardon my complete noobness

-Chris Z.