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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion > Higher power at start, any control to keep it from happening?
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    Higher power at start, any control to keep it from happening?

    I see this characteristic a lot.

    The example image shows a series of lines all at the same power setting. Except the shorter ones are darker, as are the beginnings of the longer ones.

    When cutting, the power meter jumps past the desired setting when coming on, but I figure this is because it's an analog meter and the power it's measuring is coming up "instantly".

    The only thing I can figure is run the shorter lines at a lessor power setting. The one "missing" line was run at a lower power setting with a bunch of the short lines and they are somewhat visible where as the longer line is not visible except where it begins, it's a little darker.

    The "missing" line is with a power setting of .032 VDC input is the first at which I get output from the laser that does anything. Setting it to .033 VDC input gives me the lines that are plainly visible.
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    Your attached picture doesn't seem to show the problem you are describing very well but I think you are probably trying to run the tube at too low a power setting. The glass tubes / PSU's are not happy at running below around 5mA tube current (not sure what this represents in terms of voltage to the PSU 'IN' terminal).

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    Maybe you could add an RC network to control the voltage at start of the line to let the capacitor raise the voltage slower.

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