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    Hi Guys,
    does any of you work in the Austin, TX area? We are looking for someone to do a small production of our designs. We already own a CNC plasma cutter that we use for our prototypes. We have our .DXF files but need someone to cut for us on 16 to 20 gauge steel sheets. Any recommendation?

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    Re: What to Charge for Plasma Cutting Services

    Hi, C. Pierce. I just about a table and the pricing is what I'm having trouble on. Is there anyway I could get you to email me that excel spreadsheet you made? After hours of searching the web and talking to people it seems like you have it figured out the best.

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    Re: What to Charge for Plasma Cutting Services

    would it be possible to get a copy of this ?

    Quote Originally Posted by CPierce18 View Post
    I have a very in depth and very user friendly excel spreadsheet I made up to calculate pricing.

    One sheet has all my tooling info on it. Feed rates and amps for different types & materials cut, duty cycle at the given amps etc… also used as a backup for if SheetCam ever goes down.

    The next sheet has all my pricing info on it.
    -Nozzle Cost & cut inches it will last
    -Electrode cost & cut inches it will last
    -Swirl Ring cost & cut inches it will last
    -General Labor $/hour
    -CNC operator $/hour
    -Table usage $/hour
    -Drafting $/hour

    The next sheet is where you enter all your part information. (can enter up to 25 unique parts)
    -Quantity to be cut
    -Part Area
    -Cut inches

    The information it calculates for you is-
    -Part Weight
    -Sheet to nest the part on
    -Cut time for the part
    -Possibility to overheat at the given amps to cut that thickness

    On that same sheet below the part information is where you enter your material information. (There are 5 different plates you can enter)
    -Material type (Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum, Diamond plate)
    -Material Thickness
    -Size (in inches)
    -Cost per plate
    -Quantity of each plate

    The information this calculates for you (for each plate used) is-
    -Material Price/Lb
    -Optimization of the plate (% of the plate used)
    -Scrap Percentage of the plate
    -Cost lost from scrap
    -Feedrate for the plate
    -Amps for the plate

    Under all that is where you enter your time-

    And some misc. things you enter is-
    -Material Markup
    -Misc. Material cost (paint, etc…)
    -Shipping Cost
    -Job Markup
    -% Discount (if any)
    -% Commission (if any)

    This will calculate a price for the WHOLE job and give you the estimate of hours.

    I know this seams like a ton of information you need to complete an estimate on a couple burnouts, but once you have all your tool info, it can be done in a couple minutes.

    But keep in mind, I’m just a small 1 man shop that doesn’t have to pay for other employee labor so I have a lot of freedom to modify the numbers ($) as I see fit to please the customer with a decent price while still paying for equipment, my labor, & putting some in the bank. I just make sure I have enough money in there to cover my expenses + extra to bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rescueweasel View Post
    thank you,

    Since my cnc plasma system is new to me my off the cuff guess needs some help. Site recomendado I appreciate the info.
    O primeiro aspecto que pode ser descrito enquanto o processo de encontrar um lugar para os melhores aspectos da criação do trabalho aqui é sobre o próprio plasma. Para que você precisa usá-lo?

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    Re: What to Charge for Plasma Cutting Services

    i would like a copy of that spreadsheet too if i can

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    Re: What to Charge for Plasma Cutting Services

    May i have a copy of this spreadsheet I am trying to just start out and need some direction.

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