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    Need help finding specs for DIN 332-D M12 center

    I have wasted so much time search the internet for the geomerty specs of a center in the end of a shaft designated as "DIN 332-D M12". My customer has provided the drawin with this spec on it, and he has no information on what it is, and I cannot find it anywhere.

    Can anyone please point me to where I can find complete specs (angle, c'bore dia, depth, thread depth, etc.)

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    My AutoCad has DIN 332-A, -B, -C & -R but no -D. I thought I could print it out and measure it, but no luck.

    Dick Z

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    Mattslay - DIN 332 -D M12 is listed Under DIN 332 T 2. To get all the dim.s you need to get DIN 332 Part 2. It is a center with straight (straight 60 deg) flutes and 10.2mm dia at the first point and 13 mm on the second step. Listed as 60 deg. center with thread for shaft ends on electric motors. No protective c/sink.
    Hope this helps you. Juergen.
    I found this:www.b-aer.de/pdf/seite045.pdf
    It should give you all you need. View in the upper left gives you the dim's for the center drill DIN332, Type D, M12. The smaller dia guides inside the thread, the next dia clears out a part of the thread.

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    Added note ; The smaller dia. IS the tap drill. In your case for M12 it is 10.2 by 28mm long (L 2).

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