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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Uncategorised CAM Discussion > Bobcad cam outputs M33 G84 G98,I dont want M33.
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    Bobcad cam outputs M33 G84 G98,I dont want M33.

    I try to drill and tap a M12 thread in my Bobcad V23,but the cam outputs via predator postprocessor code M33 before G98 G84, the problem is my old mazak mazatrol M2 dont accept M33 sence it is command for the tool measure unit out.
    Please help.

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    You will need to either edit your post processor the remove this command from being integrated in, or manually delete it every time you post the code. There are tips on how to edit posts on the BobCAD FAQ.

    You will also get much better answers by posting this in the BobCAD section, rather then this general CAM forum:


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