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    Post to share

    I tweak 2 postprocessor for Camworks that works really good for me and i want to share them!

    The first is for fanuc 18imb, it support multipart machining to make multiples parts without creating assembly with separates work coords with the HPCC on for highspeed machining that is not supported with macro programs.That eliminate the need to copy and paste operations to minimize the code length and optimize the toolchanges.Options for setting values for machine simulation, the home position for the toolchange to clear the part,tool prelaoding and better coolant mode options .Option to make XY next move during the toolchange to save positionning time,another to load the first tool at the end of program and place the table near you.Post Operation to make X or Y axis mirror, manual and mcode programming and program/optionnal stop.Support also long part machining to make parts that excedding the machines guards by the windows.

    The second is Anilam 3300m for machine with manual toolchanges.It support all the anilam probing routines as post operations,coolant extended options. It also support the use of a homemade right angle milling head,you change one value and all the coordinate system rotate(ie: you can mill and drill without the canned cycles in planes normal to X- X+ Y- Y+ with using of tool length offsets.

    If you are interested msg me and i will give you all the explanations that comes with all these tweakings! Sorry for my english i'm from Quebec...

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    Sounds interesting let us know more.

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    Feb 2011
    Please i'm looking for camworks postprocessor for Siemens840D

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    Hi, could you paste it on to the forums or email it to marek1 at hotmail dot com?
    I've also PM'd you!



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