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    AMC servo fault

    I just bought an AMC B30A40 drive off ebay.
    Servo Drives by ADVANCED Motion Controls

    I connected DC+ to the hi voltage power and ground to ground. No other connections. When powered, the amp comes up in servo fault (red light)

    How do i clear the fault? Is the drive bad?

    I do this step all the time with the brushed amps and a good drive comes up green. Then I put a dc servo on (no encoder) and go to test offset to see if it will run the motor. I read you can set this amp to run a brush motor by changing the phase dip switch. So, I plan to use this on a brush servo and do my normal check out.


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    If you want to test it without hooking a servo up - or a brushed servo up you need to set the dip switches correctly for brushed. If it doesn't see the hal sensors it isn't going to give you a green light (or the hal sensors are not hooked up correctly).

    amc's site seems to be down for me - but this


    explains how to run a brushless drive with a brushed motor. IIRC you need to switch the phasing swith to off (60deg instead of 120deg)

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    Quote Originally Posted by samco View Post
    explains how to run a brushless drive with a brushed motor. IIRC you need to switch the phasing swith to off (60deg instead of 120deg)
    Correct, if using a BLDC the Hall sequence has to be correct also, set for 60° for brushed servo using U & V outputs.
    Also the enable has to be set on, there is an internal jumper that will change the logic for on/off designation (active high,or active low).
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