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    Cool have you seen my planes? Http://airfoilz.com

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    First time poster here but have been lurking and learning for a while. Saw this thread and thought I'd jump in with a cnc machine that I've been using with great success. It's kind of new and relatively application specific, but for 3D flat foamies it makes short work of design through finish cut. It's called a phlatprinter (search RCGroups- I'm 66tbird). Its a roller feed with the Z on the Y gantry for a 22x42 cutting area with a 1.5" Z travel. . Sketchup with a Ruby plugin does the code. The kit was put together by another member and offered as kits. My thanks goes out to him and his wife for the work they put into teaching the group that bought units.

    I've cut every kind of foam I've put in it no problem using a .125 rotozip grout removal bit in a dremal 200 on low speed. I've made flat patterns that fold into shape, cut hinge lines, plus more.

    I've been converting files faster than I can build them and now I want to do hardware packages, which is why I'm over here reading up on another type of machine.

    So it's all jfyi.

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    Hey guys! Long time since I have written...good to be back. I have some DXF plans on my site. I just uploaded the one below. You will find the download is just a tad bit different. It should be a 100% download and cut...there shouldn't be any work you need to do to it.

    I also just cut out a swing wing f-14 and will be uploading a "cnc router dxf file" for us guys with cnc to use (permission granted by author

    My plane I fly http://www.cuttingedgecnc.com/foamyairplane.htm

    Here is the file to the latest one below.

    F-14 Tomcat: http://www.cuttingedgecnc.com/f-14%20tomcat.htm

    They fly and look awesome.

    Note: I found my dxf files on my site download as code but dwg seem to work... anyone know why??

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    New kidz on the Block

    All new concept machine for milling flat foam sheets with free softeware included [PhlatyscripT]

    An all new cnc machine you can build yourself from a snap together kit called the Phlatprinter.
    You can read more about it here www.phlatboyz.com

    Now you can make your own kits

    Check out the www.phlatforum.com lots of cool free plans and ideas to share.
    Come on over and join the new CNC kitting revolution
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    Here is my attempt to cut 3d plane out of Depron:

    Here are couple of other Depron projects:
    Micro Ultimate
    Mini Katana
    Mini EasyStar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CNC Darren View Post
    Just a quick question for you guys, What bit are you guys using to cut the foam? I have been using a single flute 1/8" bit but I have been having problems with the foam mealting and sticking to the bit. I have tried from 15-30 ipm and it still happens sometimes. using a 1/4" trim router for the spindle I havent tried slowing it down. I also have a dremel multi speed tool i am thinking about making a mount for and using that as it should have enought power to cut thru the foam.

    I have cut several 6mm Depron foamies out on my Haas VMC using a .050" drill bit (friction cut,more clog prone) or a .125 sintered carbide burr (from hobby shop)spinning at 7500. have to play w/ the feed (20ipm range) to keep from melting but I have had good results.
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    the 3D corrugated paper plane mould cut by our cutting machine

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