If you are looking for a high quality, low cost 2x2 portable table for plasma cutting, Precision Plasma LLC is running a special for 5 units.

We have teamed up with deepgroove1.com to put together a package for $1950 + shipping. Precision Plasma LLC provides the mechanics of the system and deepgroove1.com provides the electronics and motors.


The table is shown with a machine torch, but a hand held torch works in the same holder.
See our gantry kit brocure for more information:

  • Aluminum gantry with hardened v-rails
  • Hardened V-guide wheels
  • Zinc plated steel end plates and carriage
  • 5" travel Z axis with float and limit switch for "touch and go" plasma cutting.
  • 8020 aluminum frame
  • 26" x 30" travel
  • .001" resolution
  • 500IPM rapids
  • 50 in/sec/sec accelerations
  • 1" clamp collar for torch mounting

Mechanical cost $1350

The electronics package needs to be purchased directly from deepgroove1.com.

  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Geckodrive G540 4 axis driver
  • (4) nema 23 stepper motors and cables
  • Power supply
  • Relay for firing the torch

Electrical Cost $600

EMC2 can be used to run the table.
Cost $0

Total cost $1950 + shipping

Best Regards,
Ron Chacich
Visit Precisonplasmallc.com for more cnc plasma gantry products.

Note: This system does not include torch height control.

Visit candcnc.com for a compatible low cost torch height control (LCTHC) for only $199.