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    Jun 2004
    Art, I downloaded the demo version today. Norton is calling it a security risk and displaying the following message: gearoticmotion.exe A program was behaving suspiciously on your computer. This program was blocked and removed. Any thoughts?

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    Apr 2003
    My solution would b to dump Norton, used it for years and finally just uninstalled it, too many issues using it. The fact that I had always used Norton was not a good reason to keep using it.

    Art had suggested on the forum to call Norton and see if they have a solution, could try that first.

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    Jun 2007
    Art's programs are not a problem (unless it is a fake one by someone else)
    Norton is the awful problem (IMHO) - and you have to pay for it to be a pest!!
    Just use Microsoft Security Essentials, Noscript and addblock plus.
    Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials
    NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction
    Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing
    Super X3. 3600rpm. Sheridan 6"x24" Lathe + more. Three ways to fix things: The right way, the other way, and maybe your way, which is possibly a faster wrong way.

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    virus report


    Im beginning to think Norton is the real virus.

    This is the third report of norton reporting it as a virus, but no other virus scanner appears to. The other users disabled the warning and everything seems fine. Ive scanned it myself, ( and my system is virus scanned daily)
    and I cant find any trouble with the demo.

    You may want to report the program to Norton as a false positive in scanning.

    Art Fenerty

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    Jun 2007
    Nicely put, Art. Keep up your excellent work. I love my Mach3.

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    Oct 2006

    This has happened to me with Norton as well, I got it installed by disabling sonar and insight protection but came back to play with Gearotic tonight and the exe had been removed!
    Norton has the same problem with Alibre Design as well, you have to disable the sonar and insight protection to get it to install but it runs fine.
    Not had any other problems with Norton so far though so maybe it's just the Gearotic name ;-)


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    Nov 2008
    At the risk of over blowing this Norton topic.... I went into the Norton settings and disabled this sonic feature on this one program. It loaded fine without deleting anything and runs fine. I wouldn't disable the feature for everything. In researching what was happening, Norton isn't saying that the program is a virus, it says its seeing 'suspicious behavior'. In the end folks will continue to use Norton, and no changes are going to be made to Gearotic Motion, so it might be helpful to post something in Gearotic explaining that this might come up and what to do when this happens.

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    Norton antivirus warning

    Hi Dean:
    Thx for the suggestion, Ive added this as a topic in Gearotics forum in the event someone searches for a problem with Norton. It seems to be the "earotic" in the programs name. ( I guess erotic Ears are soemthing
    Norton hates. )

    Art Fenerty

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    Sep 2005


    I bought my license and have been cutting gears and timing pulleys like crazy.
    It has already paid for itself multiple times.

    Thanks for a great easy to use program.

    I have been using the HTD8 pulleys mostly, I like how it tells you the max size of mill you can use.

    I did a 4 axis milling of a couple of little gears, very impressive!

    Keep up the good work, Art.


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    Thx Arnie:

    Always nice to hear users are happy. Gearotic is something I started in "retirement" , and though I cant claim I work much less than I did in Mach3
    days, I can say its nice to always get great feedback..Im still amazed how few complaints I get, I dont think Ive have a bad customer problem in 2 years of this.. enough to spoil a person. lol

    Not that Mach3 users ever got that rude, but the large numbers of people using a very complex system always leads to support that will make you rip your hair out, GM users on the other hand are laid back, easygoing and very easy to work with,
    glad to see your in that group.

    Art Fenerty

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    Nov 2010

    Re: Your thoughts about the new "Gearotic Motion" software

    I am JUST getting into this, as I have some art projects in mind that require the fabrication of GEARS! I was told about GEAROTIC MOTION and another program called GEARIFY, and I believe there is yet another one I cannot recall the name of at this point.

    I am now watching a video about GEAROTIC THOUGHTS ??? Is that a program that is now available, or is it still in BETA?

    I already purchased one license of Gearify, only because I was able to find more infor about it in my initial search, but I will most likely purchase the Gearotic (Motion or Thoughts) as well, because it seems to be a bit more along the lines of what I seek.

    These will be "yard art" projects, so the gears I will make, will probably be 2 or 3 FEET in general diameter, and made out of some light material like HDU foam or PVC board.

    I would appreciate any help in learning the Gearotic software offerings. I am not an engineer, so many of the available settings are Greek to me. However, playing with these settings would eventually reveal their effect on the gear designs, I suppose.

    This program makes me even MORE anxious to purchase that KERN laser table! Dang it! I have to figure out how to justify a hobby shop "toy" that costs $174,000.00 :drowning:


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    Re: Your thoughts about the new "Gearotic Motion" software

    Hi Joe:

    >>I am now watching a video about GEAROTIC THOUGHTS ??? Is that a program that is now available, or is it still in BETA?

    Gearotic Thoughts is the successor to Gearotic. Youll find Gearotic1.0.exe in the main folder of Gearotic for those that need the older version.
    Join the Gearotic Forum, just ask the moderator of the GearHeads forum for an invite, no purchase is necessary to join in and ask whatever you
    might find obfuscated..


    Art Fenerty

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