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View Poll Results: How fast can your Homemade CNC cut?

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  • less than 10 IPM (4.2mm/s)

    45 7.26%
  • 10-50 IPM (4.2 - 21 mm/s)

    182 29.35%
  • 50-100 IPM (21-42 mm/s)

    144 23.23%
  • 100 - 300 IPM (42 - 127 mm/s)

    148 23.87%
  • 300 - 600 IPM (127 - 254 mm/s

    52 8.39%
  • faster than 600 IPM (254 mm/s)

    49 7.90%
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    Re: How fast is your homemade CNC?

    Quote Originally Posted by dazp1976 View Post
    Not fast enough! 80ipm reliable rapid moves which was a little disappointing. Got some resonance which isn't helping things.
    Only have 3000rpm max spindle so limited to around 20-24ipm cutting with a 8mm 3 flute anyway (esp slotting).
    If it makes any money it'll be spindle and servo upgrades first.
    This is where I'm glad I went overboard for Nema34's on my PM25 clone.
    At 400rpm (2000mm/min) the torque figure is almost identical to the Nema23 motor from a similar model line.
    When it comes to acceleration though it's a fairly big difference so far.
    Haven't got round to do that much testing yet with tuning to find it's stall point.

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    Re: How fast is your homemade CNC?

    My home shop CNC can cut composites pretty damn fast, its almost scary. I could have a nap between each passes when it cuts ferrous-anything though...
    All depends!

    Should have asked what sort of 'rapids' (aka non-cutting moves) are you getting from your homemade cnc instead

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    X 37.5 m/min 0-max in 200mS
    Y 30 m/min 0-max in 200ms
    Z 30 m/min 0-max in 200ms

    X 1.5kw brushless
    Y 0.9kw brushless
    Z 0.9kw brushless

    X1660mm length
    Y820mm lenght
    Z220m lenght

    CNC control RosettaCNC-B 6 axis

    All CNC parts made with mazak center

    Enough fast

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