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    how to turn on spindle while mill spindle is on!!

    Hey there guys, Im running a mazak 350 m lathe with live tooling and im trying to run both the mill spindle and the main spindle (in opposite directions) at the same time anyone ever try it. I've heard of it being done before but have had no luck. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Post some of your program that you are running. That should be a simple move. It doesn't matter which direction the main is going (or the milling spindle for that matter), that is just a C axis move, so nothing really out of the ordinary there...

    Anybody with a milling lathe has tried it...

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    do you have grinder mode - option

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    Thanks for the response guys but I figured it out soon after I posted there is a simultaneus drill mode in mazatrol it allows you to put in spindle speeds for both the main spindle and the mill spindle! works awesome!

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