Hi there,

I have nearly completed a retrofit on a small milling machine and have been very impressed with the results. Once the mill is 100% complete (or as near as is possible), I am quite keen to retrofit a lathe.

It just so happens that we have got an Emco Compact 8 'lying around', which has never actually been used by us (it was a deal that couldn't be missed). Retrofitting this lathe is a possibility and I'd like to find a few things out.

On a machine like this, would I need to use ballscrews on both axes?

Would it be possible to make an automatic toolchanger to hold 3 (or more) tools?

Is there any way to automate the tailstock on a machine like this (I can't see this being simple or easy...)?

What other 'nifty' features could be included in a lathe retrofit? How about things like simple, small scale milling with powered tools and a giant servo powered chuck?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.