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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > X-axis jumps, stepper motor control problems
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    Question X-axis jumps, stepper motor control problems

    So I have a CNC that unfortunatly hasn't really worked since I got it and the company isn't any help. I know very little about what actually makes CNC's work so I'm stuck. For some reason when I run a program, the x-axis will "jump" to the left (always the same direction and not always the same distance). I changed the stepper motor controller with a new one from the company I got the CNC from and it wouldn't even move. So they sent me another one and after awhile the x-axis "jumped" again. So I got another new controller and I happened to bend down next to the machine where all of the controllers are located and as soon as I did that, the x-axis "jumped" again. So after some looking into the situation, I believe my cell phone is causing some interference. Could this be possible or is there another issue that would cause the x-axis to "jump" and lose its place? I'm also wondering that if it is a problem with the stepper motor control, can I buy it from someone else then the company I got the CNC from? This company claimed that they are programed differently so I must get one from them. However, I am finding it hard to believe them on anything anymore. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this issue.

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    Loose wire, bad cable.

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