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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mazak, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol > How do you Retrofit older Mazak T2/3 and M2 controls with G-code?
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    How do you Retrofit older Mazak T2/3 and M2 controls with G-code?

    My friend bought a T3 lathe with no G-code option. We are trying to retrofit it with G-code using an FX-17 board, but so far, no dice. Normally, this is not an issue, but he has a C-axis milling job that needs 3-axis simultaneous movement and G-code is the only option for that.

    I know that EIA (G-code) was an option on early lathes and mills with the T2/3 and M2 controls. If the cabinet had an FX-17 board, you had that option.

    We have two older Mazaks at work. My T3 had EIA option from the factory as evidenced by the FX-17 ink stamp and all the associated wiring for the tape reader plugged into the FX-17 board.

    The Mazak M2 mill does not have the FX-17 ink stamp, nor does it have the tape reader wiring. The machine came to our facility (used from another division) with the FX-17 board in the cabinet and a functional G-code side. The only thing plugged into the board is the communication wire to the PC for downloading via the tape port.

    My question is how do you retrofit the control with G-code? The FX-17 board is a given, but what else do you need? Is it just a parameter or does additional software $$$ need to be loaded in by Mazak?

    Thanks for any help. :cheers:

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    You need to add EIA Rom chips to the FX784-9 PCB. If you look on this PCB usually you will find a couple of ROM's with stickers on them that say EIA. These have to be compatible with the main software. They cannot be swapped otherwise you may have some conflict.



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    Thank you very much. I see the EIA stickers now that I searched for the FX784 board. Thanks for the heads up on the different software types too. That was most helpful.


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