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    How do I load and execute a program off of floppy

    I have a Centurion 7 controller. I can't seen to find how to load a file from floppy. I have a g-code program which I entered via notepad on a PC, wrote it to floppy now I need to read it off of the floppy, load it and execute it.

    Can some one tell me what steps I need to take.

    Also if I want to modify the program via editing it in the Centurion and write it back to floppy what is involved?


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    Bill, I assume you have tried the Files - Load process without success.

    Your problem is probably the file name.

    The Notepad file you created will have a file name with a .txt file extension. The Milltronics default set-up is for the file to be named with letter P with 4 numbers for the conversational file and the letter O and 4 numbers for the G and M code file. Neither file can have any extension. When you create the conversational program 1234, the control creates the file P1234 and the file O1234.

    When you run the file by Run – Old - 1234, you are running the O1234 file, the control supplies the O’s and P’s for you.

    To get your notepad file to load, you will need to re-name the notepad file to O#### with no extension and it will load and run using that name.


    You can change a set-up parameter called Full DOS Filenames from NO to YES.

    Then, you can create, edit, load, save, or run any file with DOS’s 8.3 filename using eight characters, a dot, and a three character extension, such as abcdefgh.123 or customer.001.

    When you run the file, you will have to key in the full name or use the menu to select it. To run your conversational program 1234, you have to enter O1234.

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    Re: How do I load and execute a program off of floppy

    ZZZZ your answer still handy 12 years later!

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