Hi. I have a Colchester Totnado 300 with Duplomatic BSA 200 turret. I had a crash last week and now i cant get the tools to the center. It´s about 2mm misaligned. I have loosened the bolts to the turret disc and tried to insert a indexing pin in a hole as the manual suggests, but it doesnt help. We also disassembled the whole turret to try to find any bent dowel pins or something else but we cant see anything wrong. Its a pretty simple and rigid construction so i dont know what may be wrong.
The turret disc is bolted to another disc, and that disc is bolted to the main shaft and has four dowel pins that is ok.
On the main shaft there is a radial gear wheel that locks to the housing with another gear wheel. The thing that is seated in the housing has dowel pins that looks ok. Can anyone suggest what to look for? I need to get this machine going this week.