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    Just starting

    Hello, longtime lurker here.

    Finally starting to collect pieces for my CNC project. I have the base which is put together from a Rousseauco workbench system 44"x64". One 44x44 section and one 20x20 section and 3/4" Industrial MDF. At one end of the workbench I plan on having the dust collector motor (HarborFreight 2 HP) inside a sound proofed enclosure. This area is 44x20.

    The cutting area of the machine is 48" x 48". I only see cutting wood or plastic on this, no metals. Subject to change though. Signs, plaques, cabinets, mantels, patterns,carpenters tool boxes, etc.

    I have an old Sears Router Crafter that I will use for a 4th axis once I get a motor hooked to it.

    Electronics will be steppers, around 400oz. Not sure on the drivers yet, more than likely GECKO's. I have a Makita 2 1/4hp variable speed router, that's been collecting dust, for the spindle. trying to find a quick chuck system for it.

    I'm very set on FineLineAutomation's Rack & Pinnion system.

    Top end of the system will be 8020 construction. Z axis TBD, X axis 3030, Y axis ? With a 6" cut depth.

    Y axis will also be dual driven.

    A question I have is, would 1530 that is bolted down be stiff enough for the Y axis or should I go with 3030?

    I receive $500 a month for being a moving target in my earlier years. Budget for my project is $500 a month, already spent for January. February's is burning a hole in my pocket, researching the 8020 stuff.


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    I have the FLA 4x4 and it uses 3030.

    You probably mean you want to use the cncrouterparts R&P system, which Fineline buys from them.

    I very much like the FLA-300 4 x 4 design. The fundamental idea I like is that the X gantry is a single 3030 beam, directly tied to the carriages. The bed is hung below the Y rails. This means that the gantry is not suspended up from the Y rails by some structure, and it means that the gantry is just the beam, with it's R&P rail/rack.

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    You are correct on the cncrouterparts, I have so many things linked they start to blend together.

    The FLA-300 is one I like. Thanks for your input.

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