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    Mach3 post for mastercam 2019

    Can someone help me, I'm looking for a "postprocessor mach3" for Mastercam 2019 or 2018.
    Thanks a lot!
    lg Christian

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    Re: Mach3 post for mastercam 2019

    You might try the Mastercam forum.it exists to help Mastercam users share their knowledge.

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    Re: Mach3 post for mastercam 2019

    chrisdu did you find your mach3 posts yet? do you have a post from a older version of mc for mach 3? if so the 2018 2019 mc will import all your older post ? I have a post for mastercam x4 and when i made the change to mc2018 it converted it over ..mach3 is a very simple post you can take the generic mill /lathe post and edit the g code to make it work ....let me know if you need a post for mach 3 I can send you the one I have

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