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    Bridgeport Romi EZ Path

    Hi, Need Help- I have a BP Romi EZ Path Lathe That I took in Payment for a factory clearance job. It has been sat in our stores for 8 months I now need to sell it. I Had an electrician wire up the machine but on start up the screen displays message FDD Controller Failure and HDD controller failure, I am not a machinist or know much about CNC But know that means Floppy and Hard Disk Failure. The next step would be to press F1 to continue but that does not work.
    I have gone into the menu to try to change the way the boot up order works but cannot save changes as it asks to save changes Y/N but there is no Y/N on the keyboard. Sorry if I sound like an Idiot. I do not have the back up disks.
    Thanks in advance for help.

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    Typically, if you have a original EZPATH 1 (as you did not say EZPATHS or SD or 3), there is a set of plugs on the back of the CRT to facilitate the use of a full size keyboard.
    If it still has the original mother board, it had a ni-cad battery to maintain the CMOS. It may be dead or may have gone bad (be careful it may leak and destroy the mother board).
    The machine has to be left on for a period of time to charge this battery and the CMOS needs to be set. Including shutting off the keyboard test as the half size keyboard will throw an error. It would be rare to see a original mother board as it might be 16 years old.
    Because of the uncertainty of what may be inside your machine, I cannot be more specific.

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Many thanks, I will inspect further tomorrow.

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