I have a new problem now with my Mazak VQC 20/40B Mazatrol Cam M-2.
First se my tread on http://www.cnczone.com/forums/mazak_...tml#post923109
To get knowlidge whot happends so far and whot I did.,after that everything worked well And I was very happy,but not for so long,A week later then starting
machine again it gives alarm 23 and 22,I was checking parameters and it was a mes.,then i know i was back on point one again.I taked the batterie
out of card FX784-8,the one there bat led wos lightening and checked it,now I have only 0.5 volts and about 30 ma,far low..Normal it shoud bee
3.6 volts and unleast 200 ma.I was ordered a new batterie again the exakt same type from MDS batteries UK .Part type nr V200H-3ME.Before I pot it
on place checked it and find it was in wery good condition,now I was starting machine and repeting the procedures I descripted in link abowe,every
thing was up and running.However after 2 days alarms was back aswell as bad parameters.I know by now I shoud change the FX784-8 card becouse
its clear something on it is wrong.
THE Question to all professionals on Cnczone is.
I woud like if somebody know if the 5 volts coming from powersupply is regulated down to 3.6 volts on the FX784-8 card only,and in that case can tell
me whot components is involved in the steps.For sure beside batterie is a backup capacitor,but is there aswell a resistor and some diods,maybee
transistors?Maybe something else.

By the way is there some having a FX784-8 technical sheme you know the one with all chips transistors resistors condensators and so on.
In advance.