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    Exclamation Amada III 357v Problem

    The machine that I work with(Amada III 357V punch/laser) is encountering many strange problems. I will list a few. Occasionally I will be unable to zero reference the table/turret/laser at all. The axis lights will be out and the buttons seem to be unresponsive. I have somehow managed to get it to reference by punching all the reset buttons at random and flipping tool change on/off. When it finally references and i am ready to start a program, the tablew will move to the starting position and just sit there without punching or cutting. Sometimes it sits there indefinately, sometimes it starts right away, and other times it will just sit there for minutes on end before starting. It does the same thing for the laser. It will sit in position, red laser cutting light will come on, but the laser will not go down and start. Worst case is the WHOLE NCT will freeze up(laser wont even power down) and is totally unresponsive causing me to have to trip the main breakers.

    there are no programming errors(these programs have been run before flawlessly)......bottom line, this seems to be an electrical issue but I cannot pin-point it..bad boards? overheating issue? and yes i have been trying to diagnose this for a couple days so its not a simple "is there a stop button pushed in?" solution.

    thank you

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    still no luck, I found that flipping the tool change switch on and off will allow it to continue very temporarily. It seems to get worse as far as the frequency of stoppages the longer it runs, almost seems like a heat or pressure problem.

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    Did you ever figure this out? It sounds like the first thing you need to do, is try to reference each axis one by one. See which one wont reference first.

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