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    Need to learn how to take a 2-D profile and

    Need to learn how to take a 2-D profile and create a 3-D non-uniform surface from it.

    For example.

    I draw a flower in a 2-D wire frame.
    I now want to create a point somewhere in the middle of one of the pedals of the flower.
    Now I want to take that point and pull it up in the Z axis with a certain surface tension, to create a 3-D form.
    How can I do this in Mcam 9?

    Please help.

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    In MasterCAM X, I would tackle this by creating a 3-D wireframe and then applying surfaces to that. Then use Create - Surface - Fillet to smooth out the intersections to make it look more natural. The more surfaces you create, the more natural it will appear. No idea if 9 will do this.

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