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    Angry inconsistent toolpaths

    I have a very small hobby cnc machine. it will not run consistent parts. Please check the pictures I have attached. I have my toolpath generated to cut a wagon wheel - must be correct b/c I was able to cut one perfectly. But while trying to cut a second or third, the machine started following a path of it's own choosing.

    I start in Corel Draw, then to Vectric Cut 2D, then to Mach3. I am quite certain it is not a physical, mechanical problem. Does anyone know if there is a setting in Mach3 (or any of these programs) that I may be overlooking that could cause this?
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    Hello 5thtry,

    If you could email the Cut2D .CRV and also the Mach3 GCode files to me I'll take a look.


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    your stepper motor(s) might be missing counts. return to home after each part, some machines will check for lost counts when you do this. check the machine for mechanical binding (remove the motor or drive belt & turn the screw by hand). in the program move to a known location (center of the part or XY origin) and do a visual check before starting the cut.

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