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    1050-3A M Code Board Compatibility

    Quick question about the 1050-3A M code board. I'm using one in my vmc15 with a -4 system that I just sold. I'm replacing it with a 2001 vmc3016L with a -5 system. Will this board work in the -5 control?

    Thanks in advance :cheers:

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    Yes, the M function board will work with the dash 5 system with no problem.


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    Thanks Neal!

    Btw, The 1060 motherboard on the new machine is different than the old machine. I don't see the terminal strips where I hooked up the wiring for my indexer on the old machine. Where do I hook up the wiring harness for my indexer on the new machine?

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    The new style motherboards have a seperate board and ribbon cable to hookup the wires to.the ribbon cable plugs into the black connector on the center-right side that is inside the card cage.

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