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    Another dumb question

    I ran across setting #90 and its set at 200 tools. Will this allow me to number my tools 1-200 in my CAM program?

    Up to this point I've kept my tool numbers under a 24 count, constantly changing them to zero to make room. It never made sense to me but I wasn't sure how to set it up.
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    It just sets how many tool offsets show up on the offset page.
    You could set several offsets for one tool or set up 200 tools, but you'd have to turn off the H&T offset match setting.
    I always set it for however many tools fit in the machine. A machine could be set up to use the offsets if needed, like to match how a CAM tool library was set up. The tool #s would have to be within what the machine holds though.
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    So will the Haas control accept a tool number that exceeds the number of tools the tool changer will hold? For example could I have a tool number 150?

    I'm still trying to figure out a strategy to keep track of my tooling without having over lapping numbers. When I get a new tool I would like to assign it a number and leave it. I'm trying to avoid have different size tooling with the same tool number from program to program, not sure if that is possible.
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    I think Setting 90 just refers to the number of lines in the offset page. You can assign more than one offset per tool. Although this is only possible for diameter offset if you have Setting 15 H & T CODE agreement ON.

    Parameter 65 sets the number of tools the machine will recognise and if you give a tool change command that has a tool number larger Param 65 you will get the alarm "invalid tool number".

    You could change Parameter 65, I changed it to 30 on my Haas Simulator and it did simulate a tool change in MDI when I typed in T30 M06. Then when I tried to simulate a tool change by typing in T30 and pushing the toolchanger forward key it give a turret fault alarm. Of course it cannot count up to 30 on a 20 place changer.

    I think you have to face it, your program is limited to whatever number the changer can hold, 10, 20 or 24+1 for the side mount.
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    Let's say you want T100 to be in P12. T8 is in P12 currently. Go to the tool table page (Offsets>Page Up). Scroll to T8 (in P12), enter "100" then press write/enter.

    Now, M6 T100 works. This also means that M6 T8 will result in an alarm. Like others have said, you can have tools numbered up to 200, but you still only have a 24+1 toolchanger.

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