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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Vectric > Running Aspire 3.0 under Windows 7.
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    Running Aspire 3.0 under Windows 7.

    Greetings Y'all. I am thinking of buying a laptop to run my Aspire and other Vetric software. I was wondering if anyone has ran these programs under widows 7. If so what version, did you have to upgrade from premium, to ultimate, or whatever they call it. Had this problem when I bought a new computer a few yers ago, had to upgrade to run software.
    Also were there any problems with Mach3.
    Thanks. Jim

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    I run VCarve Pro on both Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Home Premium. The former machine is an HP 8540w with 8Gb RAM, the latter is an Acer 1810Tz with 2Gb RAM. It runs fine on either machine, just faster on the HP.

    I ran the evaluation of Aspire on the Acer, it ran fine as well. I decided to buy VCarve because all my foreseeable work is 2.5d.

    Sorry, I don't use Mach, I can't comment on that part of the question.

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    I have no problems running Aspire 3.0 on my Dell laptop with Windows 7 home premium edition.

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    Hi Jim,

    The Vectric products will run run on any versions / flavours of Windows 7, Vista or XP, with special hardware / graphics card requirements.

    If you need further assistance please drop a note to - support@vectric.com


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    Thanks Y'all I appreciate the information. That helps alot, I had problems with an earlier version of Windows Vista. Now the hard part, finding a laptop
    that I can learn to hate.
    Jim Hurst

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