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    Fanuc 10m dripfeed (DNC)

    Hi Guys

    I have a problem setting this control up for dripfeed (DNC). This control has no tape mode on mode selection switch, have any of you come across this problem and solved it.I really need help this has been going on for over 1 year.

    Thanks for your time guys.

    Mike Roy in Canada

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    It's been a long time and my mind is getting a big foggy, but I do not believe you can do it with a 10M control. I remember working with a lot of customer during the late 80s wanting to do this and never having any success. The 11M control was extrememly easy, but the 10M did not have the circuitry to deal with it.


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    For our 6M the solution was a BTR board, but without a tape mode I think you may be SOL.

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    The 10M was available from the factory with 3 different kinds of interfaces. This was supposed to make it easy for machine tool builders who were using the Fanuc 6 and the Fanuc 3 to convert their PLC software to the Fanuc 10.

    The interface options were "Fanuc 3 compatible interface", "Fanuc 6 compatible interface" and "BMI interface". The machine builders who chose the Fanuc 3 interface made it impossible to drip-feed, because the Fanuc 3 never had a TAPE mode. The Fanuc 6 and the BMI interfaces could have a TAPE mode if the machine tool builder wanted to put one in the PLC.

    What you need is a retrofitter who can do a simple modification to your machines PLC software and burn you a new set of EPROMs. If your machine has the Fanuc 6 or BMI interface, it's not such a bad job. There is some proprietary Fanuc equipment required, so it's not a job for a do-it-yourselfer unless you have lots of $$ to spend.

    I'd get the make & model and serial number of your CNC and give this guy a call:

    Paul Sevin
    Ovation Engineering, Inc.

    I saw him offer his services for converting a 10M on another forum.

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