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    Can anyone help me with regards to cnc turning tools. I am to start a new job soon and have limited knowledge of turning tools. especially shapes of tips and composition of the tips, and correct carbide and tooling selection. Can anyone supply me with such info, or point me in the direction where i can access that info on-line. would be much appreciated.

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    There are many tool supplier catalogs on line. Most address a large range of turning tools in a manner that helps the user select the correct material and shape for a specific job. I suggest you go and locate several of these catalogs and see what is on offer. Here is a link to an excellent first catalog <http://ww2.walter-ag.de:8080/sap/bc/...uage=EN&ostore[1]=WBAU1_E&~okcode[1]=TOL&~target[1]=_top&~forcetarget[1]=yes>

    Don't forget to find other sources.

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    Turning tools technical info

    Kennametal have some great tech-help pages you may find useful here: Buy-selling of Eng-Machinery-Tooling-Consumables

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