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    FANUC 11m Toyoda

    Hey guys,
    I just started working at a shop a few weeks ago. I am running a 1985 Toyoda Fanuc 11m. Is there a copy and past function in this control? In the 3rd or 4th page of my edit soft keys there is a copy and a move softkey. When I push the button something like no function will appear. Is this an option that had to be purchased when the machine was new or could it be turned off in the parameters? I have heard the programer goes in the controls and shuts off options to the controls for his own job security.

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    expanded part program editing is an option, param 9111 bit3.
    You cannot just change the options on a FS11; there is a special procedure.

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    The 15-series had quite good extended editing and also had a large copy line buffer at the bottom of the screen which could take about 6 lines of code or maybe 60 characters and you could edit any single or multiple words within that line without having to re-type the whole line. The extra editing functions of the low spec series 11, 12, 16, 18 etc are not very good. You can select sections of a program (cursor~ then ~cursor) and copy or move them but only to a NEW program and you can't import that whole program back into an existing program.
    It's much faster to punch it out to a PC and copy/paste/edit in a computer then read it back.

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