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    Encoder alignment

    Hey guys,

    Does anybody have the alignment procedure for the encoder on the FAS-MT motors?

    I am getting the alarm 44-52 X axis encoder failure lately - intermitently unfortunately. I have another motor that is bad but it has a good encoder I would like to switch the encoder on the good motor on the X axis to make sure that's the problem and not the encoder cable, but I've been told you have to align the encoder to the motor armature. My machine is a 2000 with the A2100 control and the Vickers 10300 drives, and it has scales on X&Y.

    I called Seimens and they have told me they are trying to get the instructions from the field techs - 2 days ago! They did say they have the instructions for the machines with the BDS4 drives - just not the Vickers. MAG just says send the motor in for repair.

    Thanks for any help in advance!


    John B

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    Hoist up the John B sail.... oops, John B, you just reminded me of a beach boys song I like.... ahemmmm....... ready? .........

    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that the theatrics is over, let's look at the FACTS that whoever you spoke to missed....

    Your A21 is giving an X AXIS ENCODER FAULT ERROR.

    Think what this means for a minute....... done?

    It means the A21 says it is not happy with the x axis encoder it gets - THIS DOES NOT COME FROM MY MOTOR!!!!!!!! Therefore, my theatrics: DON'T MESS UP MY MOTOR ENCODER ALIGNMENT!

    See the issue? YOU HAVE LINEAR SCALES! the encoder that goes to the A21 is from a Hiedenhain glass scale, NOT the motor!

    The encoder in the x axis motor only goes to my SE10 drive (AS1030x to you) for running it.

    Now, all this said, there is a way to bypass the scale and actually USE my motor encoder - our drive has a db9 connector on the front bottom faceplate that is an encoder equiv output - by some wimple wiring changes you can disconnect the scale and wire in my encoder from the drive instead to solve this if you dont want to fix the glass scale right now. to see how to wire it, ask MAG service guys - they will send you a how-to doc to make the wire change (ask for Mark Nichols who just last week showed another customer how to do this for a similar problem).

    Also consider: if the MOTOR encoder were bad, wouldn't the AS10 DRIVE give a fault instead?? Say YES. It would say -r flashing so show encoder feedback problem - you would see this latched display on the drive, not on the A21 screen.

    Also consider: the servo drive system only has ONE feedback to the A21: DRIVE FAULT contact. So there is NO WAY the A21 can even know if there is a motor encoder problem

    Let us know how you do!

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    Wow, had alot of coffee huh!

    I was of the understanding that the drive sent some encoder velocity feedback to the CNC also.

    I'll look into that Mike, I do have the instructions to bypass the scale and use the encoder for positioning. I'll let you know how that works out in a day or two, I have another couple of jobs that can't be late now that I'm working on...

    John B

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    too much coffee for sure.....

    yes, only connection from drives to a2100 is fault relay contact FROM the drive, analog speed command TO the drive, & ENABLE sig TO the drive.

    anyway, if easy, I would like cc of that how-to change from scale to drive feedback - I may have cc somewhere but cant think of where to look. if you wouldnt mind email me cc at mike (@) KilroyWasHere.com I'd be much obliged!

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