Hey guys,

Does anybody have the alignment procedure for the encoder on the FAS-MT motors?

I am getting the alarm 44-52 X axis encoder failure lately - intermitently unfortunately. I have another motor that is bad but it has a good encoder I would like to switch the encoder on the good motor on the X axis to make sure that's the problem and not the encoder cable, but I've been told you have to align the encoder to the motor armature. My machine is a 2000 with the A2100 control and the Vickers 10300 drives, and it has scales on X&Y.

I called Seimens and they have told me they are trying to get the instructions from the field techs - 2 days ago! They did say they have the instructions for the machines with the BDS4 drives - just not the Vickers. MAG just says send the motor in for repair.

Thanks for any help in advance!


John B