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    Fanuc )-MC lost unrecorded option parameters

    Customer lost all option parameters on a Blue Chip V4220 with 0-MC. I need the spindle orient option bit. Fanuc will not help even though controller is very old. THEY ARE AFRAID I WILL ROB THE OEM OF SOME INCOME. HEY FANUC. THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS! Can anyone help me help my customer get his machine back online? The ATC macro will not work until this option is installed and they are losing money by the day. Is this how we keep jobs here in the US by denial of service? Parameter 6515 bit 0 will not set to 1, needed to perform the orient and as a result the alpha spindle drive comes up with error 05, which Fanuc says is the illegal command ( the orient function command). HELP.

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    Did you maybe lose the macro's also?
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    Spindle Parameters

    here you can find some details
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    my memory is usually not that good

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc429 View Post
    when reloading a dead control, watch for one lone bit on the next page...most of ours with built in orient need something on there, think its nine twenty one bit zero, just recall as its normally the only bit on that page... I just noticed on a korean machine theyve also got stuff loaded up thru 934, must have custom firmware?

    easier to reload from backup disks, but sometimes theyre not available- luckily the original sheets are usually in the control though- without it can be a bear.
    It works! Thanks, so much.:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

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    glad that worked- please edit/delete that post, at least the numbers...even if just a guess somebody might complain. suprised I remembered that one, but same thing happened at work a while back,that was the only bit on the next page, maint guy didnt notice it when typing back in after someone accidentally cleared it.

    be sure to warn them to :
    1) back it up- hold down EOB key before hitting 'output' and it sends the 900's out too
    2) warn operators to NEVER hit any keys during boot...cant tell you how many times they get a alarm that wont reset, so reboot and immediately start pecking the reset wiping the thing out...

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